Bubble& - Our Mission

Saying it loud, saying it proud – our mission is to make Bubble& ‘a thing’.

‘A thing’ being a popularly recognizable phenomenon and synonym with ‘English Food is Out of This World’. A paradox of simplicity and complexity all rolled up into a little bubble. A bubble representing English food in the here and now: Avant-garde, sprinkled with heart. We’re dreaming big.

We see restaurants and we see bubbles in your fridge and we’d love it if you joined us on our journey…

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We Fancy It Up ...

We are championing bubble and squeak as the English version of pasta, so the fun is in the toppings and fillings.

We offer a range of fresh bubble flavours (all gluten free) that you can buy at food markets in London, Hampshire and West Sussex. Take them home, pop them in the oven or microwave and voilà! Handmade, cherished food at your fingertips.

Ah, but perhaps you’ve heard about our street food where you’ll find us dishing up our glorious toppings on your bubble (also all gluten free)?

Great Taste Award 2014

The menu is abundant and we change it up according to the season. Check out Our Bubbles page

Where To Find Us ...

You can buy our retail bubbles at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets and We dish up street food with Shepherds Markets around London.

Our Schedule

We have lot's more yummy pictures for you to have a look at. Check out our gallery.

Bubble& News

New & Exciting!

Mr Bubble& gives 2 Michelin-starred chef Mark Froydenlund a bit of bubble and squeak inspiration for his Great British Menu starter dish.

Our Story

To learn more about the amazing team at Bubble& including Mr & Mrs Bubble themselves :-) click below.

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