The Bubble& Story

Bubble and Squeak : A History (Sort of)

So for all you under 25s and non-English folk (we know who you are…don’t think we don’t see you whispering ‘what’s bubble and squeak?’ to your mate as you walk by!) :

Bubble and squeak is an English dish made with leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The main ingredients are usually potato and cabbage plus any other veg, mashed and fried together until the mixture is brown on all sides. Traditionally, you’ll find it served as part of a cooked English breakfast, on Boxing Day or simply on a Monday morning in many homes.

Hardcore fans (and boy, have we met a few!) may insist on very specific veg being used, such as brussel sprouts, depending on how they were raised eating it. This in itself is the beauty of it. So many people have a heartfelt opinion about bubble and squeak – Mr Bubble included! – in many instances, it has its place as part of a cherished childhood memory.

Bubble&’s first seed was planted by Rupert Smith – or Mr Bubble, as he’s known around these parts.

An idea that sprung to life after 20 years’ dedication to fine restaurant and pub kitchens from London to Melbourne (with some European stops along the way), the tweaking of bubble and squeak into a delectable concept has become Rupert’s higher calling.

You will normally find him on the market stall, poaching eggs faster than anyone you know.

Associate Numero Uno to the Bubble& movement is Marita Lietz – or Mrs Bubble, as she’s known around these parts. A melting pot of cultures and skills, Marita’s global professional experience cements her at the forefront of nurturing and spreading the Bubble& word.

You will normally find her on the market stall, describing Bubble& dishes at the rate of 501 words per minute.

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You can buy our retail bubbles at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets and we dish up street food with Shepherds Markets around London.

Bubble&’s Staff.

Flying the Bubble flag in Market Sales is Jacqui Borg. A self-confessed sport and fitness aficionado, we’d be hard-pressed to find someone as energetic and dedicated to the Bubble cause.

Find her at farmers’ markets around Hampshire, navigating the afflictions of our variable British weather whilst selling you bubbles with her lovely smile.

Meet our Chef Extraordinaire, Nick Franklin. Passionate about food and sport, he brings skill and pizzazz to the Bubble& Team.

Find him at Shepherds Markets around London, poaching eggs at record speed whilst superstylin’ in his lucky tennis headband.

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