We Are Crowdfunding!

A chance to invest in Bubble&
Become part of our future!

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for Bubble& The Restaurant is now live on Crowdcube, the world's leading investment platform. We're on a mission to establish an iconic restaurant brand by elevating a British classic and putting it back on the menu, and you can be amongst the first to own shares in our business.

You can invest from £10 to as much as you like. In exchange, you'll own part of Bubble& and can share in our success. Investments of this nature do carry risks to your capital.

You can find all the details and see our video at www.crowdcube.com/bubbleand

Crowdcube is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is the world's leading investment crowdfunding platform. You can join in under two minutes, it's free and there's no obligation to invest.

If you can get behind us, either by making an investment or telling people about the campaign, we would truly appreciate your support.

Yours Truly,
Rupert & Marita

Check us out....

You can buy our bubbles online on this website and we dish up street food with Shepherds Markets around London. With your help we'll be opening our first restaurant very soon!